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Indica Bath Salts


Hops and Valerian

Wanting to have a relaxing night filled with nothing but a nice, soothing bath? Soak up pure health and wellness with our Hops and Valerian Indica Bath Salts. Hops, a close biological relative of cannabis, provides sedative action due to its inherent alpha acids and specific terpenes alpha-humulene, and beta-myrcene. So sit back and relax, our bath salts will have you sleeping like a baby and walking with grace the next day.


  • a-humulene - also found in hops and ginseng
  • b-myrcene - also found in mango
  • eucalyptol - also found in eucalyptus
  • b-caryophyllene - also found in cloves


Sea salt, Epsom salt, Glycerin, Hops extract, Valerian essential oil, Essential oil blend, including terpenes alpha-humulene, beta-myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, caryophyllene oxide, and eucalyptol



made in canada